We deliver niche services to make the job of building, maintaining and improving civil infrastructure easier for those responsible for it. We provide specialised expertise to assist individuals find the right solutions to their organisation's immediate and long term infrastructure goals and objectives.

Our solutions are practical and cost-effective and aim to provide lasting benefits for clients, communities and the environment. Responsive reliable,and highly capable, we deliver projects of every size from minor development advice through to detailed city-wide strategic planning, complex design and infrastructure delivery. 

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Strategic Stormwater Management Planning

Catchment-based Stormwater Management Plans that deliver integrated and practical strategies to improve stormwater management.

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Stormwater Harvesting and Reuse

Identification and design of stormwater harvesting opportunities for reuse from precinct level to catchment level including achievable water quality improvements.

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Drainage and Flooding Investigation and Advice

Assessment of drainage performance issues and development of solutions.

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Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)

Planning, evaluation and design of WSUD systems: bioretention swales, infiltration trenches, constructed wetlands, gross pollutant traps.

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Floodplain Mapping (both 1D and 2D)

Development of hydraulic models in 1D, 2D or 1D/2D of creek and river systems at a range of scales with model outputs in the form of GIS-based mapping.

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Land Development Assessments

Assessment and investigation of stormwater management options for land developments.

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Infrastructure Design
and Delivery

Management of client projects, preparation of design documentation for construction, and administration of the construction phase.

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Hydrological Reports and Flood Reports

Investigation, assessment
and reporting of minimum floor levels and other appropriate requirements for developments within a flood plain.


Expert Witness Statements

Provide expert opinions through reports and attendance at Court hearings.