Anyone for Polo?

Polo Fields 1_V2.jpg

We accepted the challenge to learn a new sport (well, new to us) and collaborate with the Adelaide Polo Club in developing their new playing fields. The development of a new site was required following the disposal of their former site at Mount Barker that has been absorbed by the ongoing urban expansion of that area.

The playing fields for the sport of polo are very large—in excess of 300m long and almost 200m wide—and so achieving relatively flat playing fields on an undulating site in the Adelaide Hills required a great deal of consideration with respect to field orientation and cross fall design approach. The sport of polo requires minimal fall so as to not unduly influence play, and provision of safety zones beyond the boarded field boundaries for players to pull up safely.

The earthworks design was optimised to achieve a balance of cut and fill, which ultimately totalled in excess of 50,000 cubic metres. Strict requirements were applied to the management of stormwater runoff, particularly during the construction phase, due to the site being within Adelaide’s mains water catchment.

The site of the new venue is picturesque. Its stunning backdrop encompasses large stands of native and planted trees, Inverbrackie Creek, which bisects the two fields, and the neighbouring Bird in Hand winery.

We are thrilled to have assisted the Adelaide Polo Club deliver this wonderful new facility and encourage readers to view the site—with the adjoining cellar door an outstanding vantage point!