Stormwater Management Planning to Improve the Impacts of Stormwater on the Environment and Community

State and Local Governments are jointly committed to addressing stormwater management in South Australia, with Councils required to prepare stormwater management plans under Guidelines by the Government’s Stormwater Management Authority, which was established in 2007.

Southfront has prepared numerous stormwater management plans across metropolitan and regional South Australia and has built a reputation for providing integrated and practical strategies to assist authorities to manage the impacts of stormwater on the environment and local community. These strategies improve the management of stormwater flooding, the impacts of stormwater pollution on the natural environment and methods of stormwater capture and reuse.

The Southfront team is proud to highlight two of its recently completed Stormwater Management Plans: Moonta/Moonta Bay/Port Hughes, and Tumby Bay.

The Moonta/Moonta Bay/Port Hughes Stormwater Management Plan involved floodplain mapping of rural catchments draining through the urban areas, and considered strategies to reduce the impact of future residential development. It included hydrological and hydraulic modelling of rural and urban catchments and drainage networks, TUFLOW 1D/2D floodplain mapping of channels, basins and underground stormwater drainage networks, analysis of proposed Development Plans, assessment of flood damages, as well as a dedicated consultation process with Council, the Steering Committee and local community.

The Stormwater Management Plan for Tumby Bay provided an overview of existing catchments and issues related to current stormwater management. It provided Council with strategies to address flood protection and to manage stormwater for future development. The plan was prepared in consultation with Council, the Eyre Peninsula NRM Board, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, and the community

If you would like to discuss stormwater management planning in more detail, please contact our Principal Engineer, Drew Jacobi.