Road and Stormwater Drainage Upgrades for Important Tourist Route at Mannum

Cascade Road is an important tourist route joining the Adelaide-Mannum Road with the Murray BridgeMannum Road. The section of Cascade Road between the Paech Road and Murray Bridge-Mannum Road intersection runs parallel to a tributary of Reedy Creek, and provides access to two visitor carparks for the nearby Mannum Falls.

A major storm event in December 2010 caused severe flood damage to the southernmost section of Cascade Road. The result was significant undermining of the road, destruction of the spray seal pavement and stormwater drainage infrastructure, and major erosion of the adjacent watercourse. The Mid Murray Council subsequently received funding assistance from the Local Government Disaster Fund to repair the flood damaged section of Cascade Road.

Southfront completed the design of the upgrades to the road and stormwater drainage infrastructure. The road upgrade design was developed to improve the trafficability and resilience to flooding, including eight new culvert crossings.