Pauls Drive, Valley View Culvert Upgrade

The existing Pauls Drive crossing of Dry Creek is substantially undersized with respect to the regular flows into the creek. The upstream creek catchment is considerable and includes a large urban area incorporating Modbury, Ridgehaven, Banksia Park and Golden Grove. It is the only local road crossing of Dry Creek within the precinct, with a number of public transport bus routes, forming part of the North-eastern Adelaide O-Bahn bus network, utilising this crossing.

The culvert overtops every year on average, resulting in closure of the road and at least one reported instance of a driver needing rescuing from a vehicle trapped in floodwaters. The overtopping events have also resulted in scouring of the embankments which is threatening the long term stability of the crossing.

Southfront developed a design to replace the existing structure with a large precast arch
bridge structure that will accommodate a significantly greater flow capacity. Provision has also been made for the Dry Creek linear trail to be connected beneath the roadway, thereby removing the current need for trail users to leave the linear reserve and cross Pauls Drive.