Drainage Upgrade Design for the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters Delivers Cost Savings in excess of $0.5M

Three drainage upgrade projects for the City of Norwood, Payneham & St Peters delivered cost savings and optimal design solutions for improved drainage performance.

Southfront completed design work on a substantial stormwater upgrade to three systems in St Peters, Stepney and Hackney, with a total value in excess of $3 million. During the concept development phase, Southfront identified alternative options and solutions to previous Council
investigations resulting in a cost saving of over $0.5 million. The projects include the use of reinforced concrete pipes with diameters of up to 1500 mm and will provide a significant improvement to the existing drainage performance at each site.

New underground drainage systems were designed for Payneham Road to St Peters Street, and between Magill and Payneham Roads. These projects allowed for a significant portion of works to occur away from busy, arterial roads with benefits including minimised traffic disruption, reduced construction timeframes and significant cost savings. In addition to the new drainage systems, upgrades to existing systems were completed at the intersection of Ann Street and Payneham Road, with further upgrades planned on Hackney Road from Botanic Street to First Creek.

Construction phase superintendent services are also being delivered by Southfront, with the Payneham Road drainage upgrade completed in 2014. Works on the Magill Road drainage upgrade will commence in March 2015 with the entire project scheduled for construction during night hours. Southfront will provide superintendent services for the duration of the construction period.