Cobbler Creek Stormwater Management Plan

The Cobbler Creek Stormwater Management Plan was recently prepared by Southfront on behalf of the Cities of Salisbury and Tea Tree Gully. The aim of the Plan was to create an integrated approach to managing the 1227 hectare catchment and to resolve stormwater impacts on the Cobbler Creek Recreation Park located on the Councils’ boundaries. The joint approach will create consistent, catchment-wide strategies to produce sustainable outcomes for the environment and local communities

The Stormwater Management Plan explores and quantifies the impacts associated with urbanisation of the catchment that commenced in the 1990s and provides strategies designed to minimise the rate of ongoing instream erosion. Surface geology mapping was used to understand the dramatic differences in channel profile across the study area.

The opportunity to adapt existing stormwater harvesting practices within the Recreation Park to reduce the extent of sedimentation impacts was identified along with an alternative stormwater harvesting scheme at the Cobbler Creek confluence with the Little Para River. This will provide the City of Salisbury with an opportunity to treat and harvest stormwater from the full urban catchment, as well as provide the opportunity to fill in a missing link in the Dry Creek linear trail.

The draft SMP has been endorsed by the Steering Committee and is currently the subject of further consultation with the local community, interest groups, and Council elected members and staff.